Nearly every morning I wake up, throw on my running shoes (and as many layers of clothing necessary given the weather) and go for a run.

This is my chance to disconnect. I don’t bring my phone. No earbuds. Instead I listen. I connect with my own physical body through the motion of running, and to my physical environment with all of my senses.

The Rarámuri “running people”tribe of Mexico have a saying: “When you run on the earth, if you run with the earth, you can run forever.” I can’t run forever, but I like the idea of connecting with the earth. In our climate-controlled screen-centric existence, it’s easy to feel divorced from our planet, environment, and surroundings. So when I run, I try to re-connect. I pay attention.

As a practice of paying attention, in 2017 I started recording the things I notice while I’m outside, in the form of haiku.

Roughly seventeen syllables, nearly every day.

RunHaiku.com is my on-going collection of haiku. Thanks for visiting.

Move. Pay attention. Share.

– Brent