Pocket Poetry

Poetry zines

The workshop (uh, dining room table) has been busy lately, as I’ve been bringing some of my poetry to life by way of handmade zines featuring the RunHaiku poetry I’ve been producing over the past few years. Hand-drawn, -cut, and -bound, these little books were a lot of fun to put together, and are available at the Artisan Market at The Public on Main St, Steinbach, MB, this week (Nov 30-Dec 3, 2022)!

Here’s a sneak peek.

Between Breaths

Between Breaths cover

A study of RunHaiku featuring the word “between”, these poems explore spaces and relationships. It’s interesting how much time we spend between, between here and there, between dreams and reality, between storms and sunrises.

Between Breath sample pages

Long Winter’s Night

Long Winter's Night cover

As a year-round runner, roughly half of my RunHaiku each year are written in that cold, starry, snowy and spacious season known as winter. These poems tell about the experience of winter, and of endurance inspired by challenging seasons.

Long Winter's Night sample pages

Little Book of Poems

Little Book of Poems cover

Of all the book-making I’ve done over the past few years, my favourite has been hand-stitching notebooks for my kids. A blank notebook opens a world of opportunity, and I’m looking forward to seeing the words, poetry, and doodles that find their way onto these pages.

Thanks always for reading, hope you have as much fun interacting with these little books as I had making them!

Brent making books